Platinum Sponsorsh​​ip Cost: $2,000

​(4 sponsors max)

  • Logo in Slide Template for Presenters
  • Primary booth location in Vendor Area
  • Attendee list of opt in attendees
  • Logo on Keynote Platinum slide
  • Logo on SharePoint Saturday website
  • Printed logo item or materials in attendee bags
  • Logo in event material
  • Logo on all signage (including outside rooms)
  • Banner in common area
  • 1 guaranteed speaker slot

Gold Sponsorship Cost: $1,500​

  • Logo in Slide Template for Presenters
  • Booth location in vendor area
  • Attendee list of opt in attendees
  • Logo on Keynote Gold slide
  • Logo on SharePoint Saturday website
  • Printed logo item or materials in attendee bags
  • Logo in event material

Silver Sponsorship Cost: $7​​​50​

  • Logo on SharePoint Saturday website
  • Printed logo item or materials in attendee bags
  • Booth location in vendor area

Web Sponsorship Cos​t: $500​

  • Logo on SharePoint Saturday website
  • Attendee list of opt in attendees

Attendee Shirts Sponsorship Cost: $2,000

 (1 Sponsor)

  • Logo on shirts along with SharePoint Saturday logo 

Speake​​r Dinner Sponsorship Cost: $1,000

 (1 Sponsor)​         

  • Logo on materials handed out at dinner
  • Table and Banner at dinner
  • 10 – 15 minutes to talk about your company

SharePint ​​Social Sponsorship Cost: $1,500

 (1 Sponsor)

  • ​Logo on materials handed out at social event
  • Table and Banner at social event
  • 10 – 15 minutes to talk about your company​
The call for sponsors is now open! Get your company brand in front of hundreds of attendees, all interested in SharePoint, and help us to put on a great conference. Complete our sponsor submission form and be an integral part of the excitement!
Sponsorship Level: Platinum
Cardinal delivers custom and out-of-the-box IT solutions to a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies.

Our offerings include Mobile & Web Applications, Agile Enablement, UX Design, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Social, Portals & Collaboration, Web Experience Management, Project Management, and Requirements Analysis. Cardinal also provides strategic guidance, training, and mentoring for our clients.

We hire full time, permanent employees and provide competitive benefits, training, career development and advancement opportunities, and interesting work in a wide range of cutting edge domains and disciplines. We have won the Best Places to Work award in several of the cities we serve.

Cardinal has locations in Cincinnati, Columbus, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Tampa and employs over 300 full-time employees.


Office 365, Azure IaaS and PaaS, Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, Windows), SharePoint, Agile, Java EE, Project Management, Enterprise Social, Web Experience Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Portals & Collaboration, Adobe Livecycle, User Experience Management, and Data Warehousing.
Sponsorship Level: Platinum
DocAuto’s SPorganizer is a powerful, next generation solution that gives you unlimited flexibility to manage SharePoint to precisely fit your changing business requirements.

SPorganizer is the only solution that includes unlimited SharePoint and File Share migrations both up and back from the cloud, as well as to the next version of on-prem SharePoint. SPorganizer also includes unlimited, simultaneous administration and management of as many environments as you want with one license. It’s the last SharePoint solution you’ll ever need to buy! No more disposable SharePoint migration tool spends!

The best part is – our experts can get you up and running within minutes. Visit the DocAuto booth for a SPorganizer demo to see what we mean.
Sponsorship Level: Gold
Crow Canyon Software delivers the power of a connected, digital workplace to your organization, turning SharePoint and Office 365 into truly useful and practical tools that solve real business automation problems.

We provide out-of-the-box business applications that drive productivity and efficiency at organizations of all sizes and types, helping them to be more successful and competitive. We also offer NITRO Studio™, a complete set of apps that gives people the power to create applications in Office 365 and SharePoint.

Visit www.crowcanyon.com to learn how Crow Canyon can help you get the most of out of Office 365 and SharePoint!
Sponsorship Level: Silver
Powell 365 is an award-winning customizable intranet solution that is to use and easy to manage. Built on top of Office 365 and SharePoint, it streamlines communication, collaboration and business processes among end-users by offering a compelling portal interface that matches employee needs. Every Powell 365 digital workplace is brought to life by the WISYWIG designer Powell Manager. Design, deploy and manage your collaborative solution with the latest Microsoft features and Powell 365 innovations, in just a few clicks. With Powell 365, it’s simple! Today, Powell 365 has more than 400,000 users and is deployed by over 80 resell and implementation partners worldwide. For more information, visit our website: www.powell-365.com
Sponsorship Level: Speaker Dinner
THInc.IT, previously known as TCSC, has been providing world-class technology solutions throughout Central Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region for over 3 decades. THInc.IT recently expanded under its new parent company, Cherry Bekaert LLP, to now serve the entire Southeast. THInc.IT is a Microsoft Gold Partner, Certified Nintex Partner, and leading provider of Business Apps, Strategic Management and IT Consulting, and Managed Services.

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