SharePoint Saturday Cambridge is the sister event to SQLSaturday Cambridge, and both events run on the same day, at the same venue and fall within the same scheduling constraints, but each have their own unique identities and tracks. 

Therefore if you are a SharePoint professional you may wish to only attend SharePoint sessions and if you are a SQL Server professional you may only wish to attend SQL sessions, however ALL tracks and BOTH events are available together for your enjoyment should you get curious. 

In 2013 we proved that there is sufficient cross-over and plenty of curiosity between both communities and this is your chance to show your support to SharePoint and choose your agenda to your own personal requirements!

​We are the fir​st ever coordinated​ SPS and SQLSaturday in the world and SharePoint Saturday Cambridge is in its second full year. We remain innovators to everything we do and things will only get better!

For more information and enquiries you may email us.


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