Session - My users hate SharePoint historically, how can I make them like SharePoint Online ?

Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
Let's be clear: since the first version of SharePoint Portal 2001, each new release that arrived on the users' desktop has not always made unanimous joy!

We heard qualificatives terms such as "clunky, not intuitive, needs training..." and more that cannot be written for decency.
With SharePoint Online in Office 365 you can finally change what your users think about SharePoint.

I will be discussing the experience and case study of my customers who deployed Office 365 mainly for using SharePoint and what worked in accelerating users' adoption, what didn't.
Sharing tips for getting the old SharePoint perception a thing from the past and making users be the defenders of the "new environment".

Come to my session if you want :
- to learn how to turn users "not keen" into users lovers
- to find more than one reason to persevere deploying SharePoint Online when there is opposition
- to grab some ideas on how to get more buy-in from management and departments to defend SharePoint

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