Microsoft Q&A
Level: All
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business


The Wall: Overcoming SharePoint's Site Collection Boundary
Level: Intermediate
Track: Developer
Bob German is Principal Architect at BlueMetal Architects, where he leads SharePoint architecture and development engagements for enterprise customers. Bob has been developing on the SharePoint platform since it was called “Site Server”, and is a Microsoft MVP for Office Development. Over the last few years, Bob has demonstrated "future-proof" client side solutions that allow code reuse from legacy SharePoint to the Add-in model and the forthcoming SharePoint Framework. Prior to joining BlueMetal, Bob was an architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Boston, MA; he also worked for Microsoft Consulting Services building and performance tuning web sites and other networking solutions.


Use Office 365 and Azure Cognitive Services for Intelligent Search
Level: Intermediate
Track: IT Pro
A new wave of Artificial Intelligence technology offers the potential to dramatically transform the way organizations use their information. This session gets behind the hype and shows you how to combine Machine Learning and Cognitive Services in Azure with Office 365 services to create better search. We also cover new types of interactions with your data you can provide including multi-media search, multi-lingual search, spoken language search, and search bots.

Come to this session and learn how to combine Office 365 with Microsoft’s Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, specifically the Vision, Speech, Language, and Knowledge APIs.


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