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Entrepreneurs in disruptive technology

At Devoteam, we deliver innovative technology consulting for business.

We are 4,000 professionals dedicated to ensuring our clients win their digital battles.

We improve business performance making their companies truly digital. We advise our clients and build IT infrastructure for digital, and make sure people are along for the ride.
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dox42 is an innovative software product for automatic generation of documents and data integration - flexible, powerful and intuitive.
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Using its proximity to our Paris headquarters, Gfi is capable of deploying a large part of the group’s portfolio on the BeLux market. With a group size that is more than double the size of any Belgian IT group, Gfi is ideally positioned to build on mature and industrialized offerings and bring expertise to the BeLux marketplace.
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Ordina is the largest independent services provider in the field of consulting, solutions and IT in the Benelux. We focus on the financial services sector, public sector, healthcare sector and a number of specific segments in the industry sector.
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Realdolmen is one of the biggest independent ICT experts in Belgium. With around 1,250 highly trained employees, we provide services to over 1,000 customers in Benelux.

We strive to make ICT more personal, to make the most of your employees’ and your organisation’s potential in every collaboration we’re a part of. We do all this with the motto: ‘To get there, together’.
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Rencore, the company behind SPCAF, the popular SharePoint Code Analysis Framework, is a software development company founded by experienced SharePoint architects and developers. Its objective is to provide solutions around Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 that bring transparency into the development process.

The SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) is a toolset for developers, architects and IT professionals to ensure the code quality and code governance of your SharePoint solutions and add-ins. With SPCAF, you can plan and review the application architecture, track your development with SharePoint specific code metrics, and create standardized documentation for your customizations. SPCAF also helps you migrate your customizations to the SharePoint add-in model.
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SII Belgium builds business critical digital solutions that make your business successful on any device. SII Belgium is your partner when it comes to defining and developing your IT applications according to the most recent trends in the information technology.
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Skybow delivers the leading platform for the CONFIGURATION of business solutions based on SharePoint or Office 365. Yes, right: you CONFIGURE it instead of writing code! The “skybow solution accelerators” are modules that help you making your SharePoint a platform of useful business solutions your users will love.

Fully utilize the potential of your existing SharePoint- or Office 365 platform by setting up your individual solutions! skybow offers the right tools for a widespread variety of jobs. Use the “skybow solution studio” to enable your developers to finish the implementation of SharePoint business solutions faster than you ever dreamt of!
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SPDocKit is the ultimate SharePoint management and administration tool designed for generating SharePoint farm documentation. SPDocKit helps you set up a farm based on best practices, as well as manage permissions, track configuration, compare farms, and monitor farm health.
The company specializes in creating high-quality enterprise monitoring and administration solutions for SharePoint, Office 365, Remote Desktop Services, Citrix, Windows Server, SQL Server admins and consultants across the globe.
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Spikes - Connect, Communicate, Collaborate
Organisaties zijn groepen van medewerkers die onderling samenwerken: in bedrijfsprocessen, in afdelings-, project-, of werkgroepverband. Die samenwerking neemt steeds complexere vormen aan: telefoneren, e-mailen, documenten delen, informatie classificeren, voortgang rapporteren, transparant werken.

Spikes bouwt oplossingen waarmee uw medewerkers geëngageerd en efficiënt kunnen samenwerken met mensen en systemen binnen en buiten uw organisatie.
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Tobania, the result of a fusion between TOBIUS and the SAGA Consulting Group in 2014, provides business and technology solutions with accompanying services in consultancy. We are an all-round integrator and one of the biggest and most influential IT sourcing players on the Belgian ICT market.

IT sourcing is in our DNA. Over the last ten years we have become an expert in finding the right people, meaning that we currently benefit from the expertise of over 500 motivated ICT specialists: analysts, architects, developers, project managers, to name but a few. With our database of more than 20,000 profiles, we can find you the perfect consultant in no time at all.
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Ventigrate is thuis in de digitale werkplek en bouwt digitale oplossingen voor bedrijven gebaseerd op Microsoft technologie. Onze unieke aanpak kenmerkt zich door een unieke mengeling van creativiteit en technische kennis die we combineren om buitengewone digitale ervaringen te creëren die de productiviteit van uw medewerkers verhoogt en uw organisatie helpt om doelen te realiseren.
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Technology Services that inspire people

Xylos provides IT solutions that contribute to your organization's success. Ranging from strategic advice on digital transformation to change guidance for users.
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CTG is the most reliable IT services provider, built on 50 years of meeting our commitments to make technology work for our clients and deliver real business value.

Our reputation for reliability is based on open and honest communication about what we will deliver, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. We deliver high-value, industry-specific strategies, solutions, services, and staffing—with clear alignment on our clients’ goals and metrics for each project.

This alignment enables CTG to make technology work FOR our clients—maximizing the value they achieve from new and legacy systems, enabling IT to operate more effectively and efficiently, and filling skills gaps to allow them to focus on their most critical projects.

Fueled by an entrepreneurial mindset, CTG is a trusted partner in delivering real business value for our clients, including cost savings, greater productivity, increased operational efficiency and continuity, improved regulatory compliance, higher customer satisfaction, alignment of business and IT strategies, and maximization of IT resources.
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SharePoint is a great tool for managing documents and ideas, but asking users to create or administer their own sites can be fraught with risk and confusion. Many organisations have their IT teams make changes on behalf of their users, but that can be time consuming and tedious.

Using ProvisionPoint, administrators create living site templates, or 'service definitions', determining:

Where new sites will be created

The SharePoint template to use

If and when created sites will expire

Who can request them

The default security model

The branding / lists / features

Custom fields they want to capture in the request

Each service definition also defines exactly what site owners can do with the site once it has been created.

Every action can be tied to an approval process, or simply be switched off. This means users don't have to negotiate 'Site settings' anymore, and can confidently manage their own sites whilst you maintain central oversight.
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The European Collaboration Summit (ECS), also known by its hashtag #collabsummit, is the largest community-driven conference in Europe in 2018 with a focus on Microsoft’s products Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype and Project. Its aim is to bring together business and technology in order to help delegates make sound decisions in the rapidly changing world of digital transformation. ECS is a three-day community event, based on the traditions of SPC Adriatics Zagreb, SharePoint Saturday Munich, Office 365 Conference Germany and SharePoint Saturday Stockholm. World-leading experts and speakers will deliver a range of “what is new” and “best practices” sessions for these technologies.

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