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Power User/Business

9:00 -


9:30 -

Adam Castle

Alternative to InfoPath for your SharePoint forms

Knut Rebel-Moe

SharePoint Upgrade, real life experience and best practices

Marius Constantinescu

Creating multilingual product centric sites using product catalogs and cross-site publishing

Serge Luca

Overview of workflows in SharePoint 2013

Thorsten Hans

Building SharePoint apps with AngularJS and ShareCoffee

Seb Matthews

Making the leap when to take SharePoint into the cloud

Ben Van Mol

Intranet Search #fail

10:40 -

Marc Bosmans

How SharePoint, including a digital mailroom, can support Project Server

Thomas Vochten

SharePoint 2013 Farm Architecture - bringing it all together

Wouter Van Vugt

Production debugging of SharePoint applications

Elio Struyf

Sorry, something went wrong, and how to start debugging your display templates

Steven Van De Craen

Content Enrichment in SharePoint Search

Mary Leigh Mackie

A practical guide for navigating the clouds

Hans Brender

All about OneDrive for Business and OneDrive

11:45 -


13:00 -

Simon Allport

Build business applications in SharePoint with K2

Mark Macrae

Best practices for configuring the SharePoint BI Stack

Bjoern H Rapp

Leveraging workflows in SharePoint Apps

Jan Tielens

Killer Combo: SharePoint and Project Siena

Rick Van Rousselt

The gears that make search go round

Jethro Seghers

Protect your online data with IRMS

Peter Baddeley

SharePoint and Dynamics CRM: understanding their strengths and integration potential

14:10 -

Eelco Vink

The ultimate User Adoption Cookbook: 6 recipes for success!

Paul Hunt

A guide to display templates with list view webparts for IT Pros

Edin Kapic

How to build maintainable and testable custom SharePoint Components

Bas Lijten

Developing SharePoint 2013 apps with  MVC5,Signal R 2.0, WebApi 2 and Visual Studio 2013

Timmy Gilissen

SharePoint 2013: MUI works best in 1 language

Joris Poelmans

Yammer and SharePoint social data mining

Marijn Somers

Using SharePoint to get a LEAN enterprise

15:20 -

   Coffee Break

15:45 -

Marc Vanderheyden

Enterprise Social Collaboration: 1 year later

Francois Souyri

How to make your CEO understand or how to make reports that are not boring

Donald Hessing

SP2013 - Advanced troubleshooting and performance testing

Koen Vosters

SharePoint G-Apps

LIeven Iliano

The SharePoint 2013 Design Manager: From HTML to SharePoint

Martina Grom & Toni Pohl

Who needs Yammer when there is SharePoint?

Steve Dalby

The maturing SharePoint Lifecycle


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