10 things a SharePoint Architect should know before they go contracting
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, IT Pro and Administration, Developer, Branding and Designer, End-User, Business
Peter lifts the curtain on how to go contracting in the SharePoint world. This presentation is targeted to the SharePoint guy who is thinking of stepping out of 9-5 corporate world have a successful career as a contractor. What is covered:

1. How to market yourself successfully
2. What skill set do you need? It’s not what you think
3. What you need to know
4. How to work with recruiters – if you must
5. How to negotiate rates
6. How to understand the job spec and know if it’s feasible
7. How to keep your SharePoint skills razor sharp
8. How to build a client base
9. How to juggle multiple projects
10. Where to find the SharePoint gigs
The lecture aims to make you a SharePoint gun for hire
Best Practices for Small-Scale Client-Side Development in SharePoint
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, Developer, Branding and Designer
We can build real solutions by using SharePoint and Office 365 as service endpoints that provide us with all sorts of critical business data. On the spectrum between power user dev and enterprise development, there’s plenty of room for departmental or even company-wide solutions that work entirely client side. Often the difference between “enterprise” development and the rest comes down to two factors:
•    The governance or guidance around deployment
•    The size of the development team
In this in-depth session, we’ll look at some better practices for building solutions, storing and managing code, and source code control for smaller size projects that don’t have complex deployment requirements.
Better, Stronger, Faster: Engineering Your SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Solution
Level: 300
Track: Office 365, IT Pro and Administration
If SharePoint was Microsoft’s way to get bring you to the cloud, SharePoint 2016 lets you bring the cloud into your premises system. Over 3/4th’s of modern enterprises will maintain their premises based SharePoint permanently alongside Office 365. Join me for an overview of best practices to establish SharePoint 2016 and integrate Active Directory, Search, Apps, Sites, Profiles and more between the cloud and your 2016 farm.
BI and Productivity Tools for IT Project Management Featuring SharePoint and SQL Server
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro and Administration, Developer, End-User, Business
IT organizations are responsible for delivering and maintaining technology solutions and capabilities for their customers and throughout their organizations. Resource constraints and business uncertainty is common and barriers often deter IT organizations from investing the time and attention necessary for measurable process improvement, resulting in a reactive approach to problem solving and execution. Now is the time to empower IT project teams with reports, dashboards, and notifications.

This presentation demonstrates how to create business intelligence and automation tools for IT project management using SharePoint Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). This session covers high-level concepts as well as practical, hands-on instructions based on real-life solutions.


Nicholas Bisciotti
Director of Information MA and Product DV
Quantech Services, Inc.
Compliant Collaboration
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, Business
SharePoint’s flexibility is empowering to users, but it’s hard to ensure compliance with policies and regulations. Companies in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, life sciences, and financial services are starting to venture into Office 365 (usually in hybrid configurations), yet many of the approaches and 3rd party products for compliance are locked into on-premises farm solutions.

In this session, you’ll learn how to blend SharePoint configuration with PowerShell and Remote Timer Jobs to develop compliance solutions that are tailored to your organization, and that span SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint Online. You’ll see live examples of site and document classification, automated compliance checking and approvals, process auditing, and managed provisioning of compliant collaboration sites.

Don’t miss this opportunity to modernize your approach to transparent and automated compliance for SharePoint collaboration!


Anastasia DaSilva
Senior Software Engineer
Configuring SharePoint 2016 farm for Hybrid Scenarios - Setting up Directory Synchronization
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro and Administration
Using hybrid cloud services business can take advantage of investments made on-premises as well as take advantage of cloud based collaboration environment. Getting your SharePoint On-Premises ready for hybrid you will be required to perform Directory Synchronization. Directory synchronization is process of synchronizing your on-premises Active Directory users to Azure Active Directory. This session will walk users through basics of what is directory synchronizations in Office 365 and different Directory Sync scenarios. In this session users will also learn about basics of Azure Active Directory and different tools available for Directory synchronization with Office 365 to have your on-premises environment configured for hybrid deployments.


Amit Vasu
Senior Consultant - Office 365/SharePoint
Deciding Whether to Move to the Cloud? Use Excel.
Level: 200
Track: Office 365, Business
The cloud is certainly different from what you have now, but is it better? The cloud is just a collection of other organizations’ computers, so any software that runs in the cloud could run on your organization’s computers in your datacenter. If the technology can run anywhere, how can you decide if your organization will be better off moving to the cloud or staying put? And if you the cloud is the answer, surely the next question is, “whose cloud is right for you?”

Evaluating moving to the cloud works in much the same way as evaluating any consumer or business purchase, by comparing the value of making the move to the cost incurred to move, the ongoing costs, the opportunity costs, and the quantified risks to the alternatives such as running things on premises. While this may sound like a daunting task, during this presentation we’ll start with a familiar economic comparison between buying and leasing a car, see how to apply it to the economics of moving to the cloud, and use the similarities to help our colleagues and organization’s decision makers confidently move the organization forward.
Deep Dive: Collaboration with external Users in SharePoint Online and office 365.
Level: 200
Track: Office 365, IT Pro and Administration, Developer
Microsoft Cloud platform make it really easy to collaborate with external partners and customers without additional license costs. In the last months we have investigate for a customer project the challenges connected with this topic. How to manage the external users, onboarding, working with groups, features supported for externals etc. Join me for a deep dive.
Deploying SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online as a Hybrid Service
Level: 100
Are you looking for a better strategy to implement Office 365 but already have an on premise SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010 implementation? If so this session is for you to understand how both systems can help solve distinct business problems that your organization might be facing and can potentially leverage the best of both worlds to deploy SharePoint.
Developing SharePoint Widgets in TypeScript
Level: 300
Track: Office 365, Developer
TypeScript is an increasingly popular browser development language that supports strong typing, object classes, and more. Widgets are self-contained, browser-based programs that work well in SharePoint. The combination is a great way to develop for existing versions of SharePoint while preparing for the future.

This talk will begin with an overview of TypeScript for JavaScript developers, and then dig into widget development. You'll learn how to build a simple TypeScript widget in AngularJS and how to deploy it in SharePoint. This pattern works on classic SharePoint pages, content editor web parts, the Add-in model, and the SharePoint Framework. All source code is provided so you can follow along in your own environment.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn a new way to develop for old or new versions of SharePoint and SharePoint Online!


Drive on the FastTrack to SharePoint End User Adoption in Your Organization for Office 365 & SharePoint 2016
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, End-User, Business
With the introduction of new technologies or the migration from old to newer versions, one of the largest hurdles for businesses is end user adoption, especially in the Enterprise Collaboration software space. 

This session showcases a tried and true end user adoption checklist and a detailed introduction to the Microsoft Fast Track for Office 365 and SharePoint campaign with proven strategies for success. Speaker Heather Newman has been running end user adoption campaigns for over 18 years inside of Microsoft, its partners and Enterprise customers. She will share stories, examples and best practices so you race across the finish line to adoption victory.

In this session you will take away:
• A step by step end user adoption checklist with a detailed introduction to Microsoft’s Office 365 Fast Track Program
• Real world examples for each check in the checklist
• A communication plan with reference to templates you can use for your end user campaign
• Practical tips and tricks that you can adapt and re-use

Getting started with PowerBI
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, End-User, Business
Microsoft Power BI make it easy to create interactive data visualizations on a diverse number of data sources in the cloud or hybrid and deliver them to any device. Come to this demo heavy session to learn how to get started today and bring greater visibility to the data that matters to you.


Dave Feldman
Associate Director Collaboration Architecture
How to bring Internet of Things(IoT) in to your SharePoint platform
Level: 100
Track: Developer
The Internet of Things (IoT) starts with your things—the things that matter most to you or your business. Welcome to the Internet of Your Things.In this heavy demo based session I will demonstrate how to connect an existing physical device or a thing to the Windows Azure cloud by using Azure IoT platform and share the telemetry data in SharePoint online site.


Bhakthi Liyanage
Sr. SharePoint Architect, Tech Lead
Bank of America Merril Lynch
Intro to Visual Web Parts
Level: 200
Track: Developer
In SharePoint, Web Parts are an essential component of ASP.NET technologies used to present dynamic information to users and are arguably the most common customization created for SharePoint. In this presentation, we discuss and demonstrate how to build a web part using Visual Studio and its visual design tools. We'll create a visual web part and use LINQ to SharePoint to retrieve data from a SharePoint list to be displayed in our new visual web part. We'll then build and deploy our web part to a SharePoint site to see it in action!

Introduction to the Office Dev PnP Core Library
Level: 200
Track: Developer
The Office 365 Developer PnP Core Component extends and encapsulates commonly used Client Object Model operations. The goal is to increase developer productivity by reducing the amount of code needed when building remote applications. In this session we’ll discuss what the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices project is as a whole and how you can get started using the Office 365 Developer PnP Core Component.


Learn best practices for managing and administering SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, IT Pro and Administration
In this session, learn how to manage your Microsoft SharePoint Online (SPO) and Microsoft OneDrive for Business environments in the browser (the SharePoint Online Admin Center) and by using the SharePoint Online Management Shell (a.k.a., Microsoft PowerShell for SPO). We cover numerous scenarios and demos for both seasoned SharePoint admins and new SPO admins.

This will be a sneak peek at some of the content and demos that will be presented at Ignite in September.


Leveraging External Data in SharePoint Online and On-Premisis
Level: 300
Track: Office 365, IT Pro and Administration, Developer
In this session we will talk about bring your SQL and other line of business data into SharePoint so that users can get access to large data, archived system data, and data from systems where the client license fees for those systems are to expensive to license for every client. We will work through a full stack demo that you will be able to download after the session as well as screencasts of the more complex parts of setting up external data with SharePoint. We will also see the power of search display templates in making the external data more consumable to the end user.


Managing Data Recovery in SharePoint
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro and Administration, End-User, Business
SharePoint Server includes several content recovery options for SharePoint administrators, site collection administrators, and end users. Educating your users, and site collections and lighten the burden on your SharePoint farm administrators. Using Central Administration or PowerShell you can backup and restore your entire farm or components of your farm. You can also perform more granular content backups by exporting site collections, site, libraries, and list. SharePoint also provides the option of recovering site collections, sites, list and libraries from content databases that are no longer part of the SharePoint farm. With a vast majority of your SharePoint content stored in SQL Server it is imperative that you have an efficient way to recover items or entire databases as quickly as possible. This discussion will introduce the Best Practices framework that will allow your SharePoint administrator to configure SharePoint and SQL Server for quick content recovery minimizing the downtime and providing shorter yet achievable Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).


Brian Alderman
Microsoft MVP, MCT, MCSE, Speaker, and Author
Modern SharePoint Development Workflow using Node, Bower, Yeoman and more!
Level: 100
Track: Developer
Many developers have started to embrace client side development for their SharePoint solutions. With this modern web development approach there are many opportunities to help automate the build, test, and deploy your solution. This session will walk you through setting up your development environment with Node.JS and Visual Studio Code to begin building modern web experiences for your SharePoint 2013/2016/O365 implementations. It will introduce some of the more popular packages such as Bower, Yeoman, Grunt, etc. that are available to help streamline the provisioning of new applications. We will also cover setting up the necessary workflows for facilitating build, test, and make your solutions production ready.
Modern Struggles of IT
Level: 200
The initial title for this session was "Streamlining your IT with O365". This session is bigger than that initial title suggested. SharePoint has been out for over 15 years now. IT staffs are running bare bones in most companies, scrambling to manage the ever growing number of applications demanded by the business. Some of those applications are duplicates of each other. Many IT departments are at their breaking point. SharePoint, from the past should have been able to help us with that, yet we are stuck using only 25% of its true potential. This is the must see session to explore how we got ourselves into this position, and what we need to do to press forward from here.


David Pileggi
Passionate SharePoint Consultant
PowerApps and SharePoint
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, End-User
PowerApps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile - without custom software development. Come to this session to learn how PowerApps integrates with SharePoint. See demos of custom, mobile-optimized views of your existing lists that can be shared with your co-workers, mobile-friendly "no code" forms and workflows, and learn where all of this fits in the landscape of existing products.


Jill Kaszynski
Associate Director, Enterprise Content Managment & Collaboration
bluebird bio
PowerShell for Office 365
Level: 200
Track: Office 365, IT Pro and Administration, Developer
Unlike SharePoint on-premises, Office 365’s SharePoint Online doesn’t have a vast array of ready to go PowerShell sat there waiting for you to manage, administrate and work with straight out-of-the-box.
Fortunately, the functionality that you are familiar with in the on-premises world of SharePoint is there in Office 365, it’s just not ready rolled as PowerShell cmdlets.
The SharePoint Online Client Side Object Model (“CSOM”) lets you interact with SharePoint Online using PowerShell in a familiar, but not quite so intuitive, way letting you bring your PowerShell-Fu to the Office 365 party.
This session will take you through the fundamentals of PowerShell and CSOM and will walk you through a number of use cases where PowerShell and CSOM can be used to manage your SharePoint Online tenancy and sites.
Preparing for the next shift in SharePoint development
Level: 200
Track: Developer
Microsoft recently announced the SharePoint Framework, a development paradigm shift for creating front-end components for Office 365. This new approach steps away from the familiar Microsoft stack and takes advantage of open source tools. This future-forward talk will provide an introduction to the tools used by the SharePoint Framework and an approach for how to use them to build modern components for your current SharePoint deployments.


SharePoint 2016 & Azure - Finally a Match Made in Heaven
Level: 200
Track: Office 365, IT Pro and Administration, Business
In this session, we will take a practical look at what is new in the combined world of SharePoint and Azure. With Microsoft’s greater than ever focus on the Cloud, the latest version of on-premises SharePoint brings a lot to the table and when coupled to Azure the sparks really start to fly.
With on-premises, Cloud and hybrid options now all on the table, the SharePoint and Azure story goes from strength to strength. Walking through the tighter integration than ever before, hybrid options with practical purpose and Enterprise grade solutions fit for any size of business makes this fast-paced session one not to miss.
SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows – An Introduction
Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
Learn how to create SharePoint Designer workflows from the ground up. This session is full of live demos designed to provide a solid foundation for creating workflows. List workflows, reusable workflows and site workflows will all be discussed and created live. Learn how easy it is to automate processes by using SharePoint Designer workflows. This session will also highlight new features in SharePoint 2013 Designer workflows and differences from Designer 2010 workflows.


Taking User Profiles to New Heights!
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro and Administration
How many of you know what User Profiles can do? When I typically ask that question I get responses such as: It connects to Active Directory so that properties can be synced into SharePoint so we can use that info (but not sure how), or the most popular, we can add pictures to our profile and other information that others can see. Both of those answers are true but only scratch the surface of what User Profiles can do in SharePoint and most importantly for your organization. I could talk for hours about all the great things that User Profiles can do, but, in addition to talking about it I’m going to show you all the things that a User Profile can do and how the functionality can improve meeting preparation, company bonding and getting to know more about the organization you work for. I won’t stop there either as we will also venture down the path of application integration and how it can streamline processes and limit human error in day to day processes. With the user of User Profiles you can be on your way to building that one stop shop for company information.

Areas that will be covered in this session:
•    Deep Dive into a Profile
•    Custom User Properties
•    Active Directory Integration
•    Search
•    Social
•    Building Moral & Bonding
•    Get to know your Company


Stacy Deere-Strole
Sr. SharePoint Solutions Architect - Business Owner
Focal Point Solutions, LLC
The future of designing collaboration experiences
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, Branding and Designer, End-User, Business
Imagine a future where silo'd departments and legacy processes don’t stand in our way. Today’s collaboration needs go from complex collaboration portals to simple innovation hubs and most importantly need to work for our devices. Designing portals to enable a new kind of collaboration and communication is an absolute necessity today.
For the past couple years, I’ve had the opportunity to study how successful teams collaborate and have helped to transform the way teams work and collaborate together. In this session, I'll share what I’ve learned about making effective cross-discipline collaboration possible, and leave you with actionable approaches you can use to unite your team's communication and collaboration needs.

    • Why cross-discipline collaboration is essential to future-ready digital design, and how you can play a key role in creating the cross-departmental teams to enable innovation
    • Real-life industry examples of what it takes to make effective collaboration possible
    • Practical techniques you can use to bridge silos, increase productivity, and deliver better outcomes for your teams


Kanwal Khipple
Founder & CEO, Office 365 MVP
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Best Practices for Design in SharePoint
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, Branding and Designer, End-User, Business
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Understanding Good Design Practices in SharePoint/O365
Everyone is looking for that “Wow” factor when it comes to design. Anytime you look at a site, you will instantly be able to make a determination that it is good or bad based on personal opinion.

In this session, we will review high-level design considerations that help create an amazing site or can contribute to a very bad design. We will discuss the following:
• choosing for color palettes,
• fonts,
• page layout structures
• recommendations for links
• Various ways for users to navigate through a site
• Understanding what the goal of your site is and how to break it down into producible content
• Understanding when to use links

By the end of this session, users will have a strong base to be able to move forward with the designing process of a SharePoint Intranet for both publishing and collaboration sites in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365. This session will not include code examples and is targeted towards Business Users, End Users and non-technical designers.

Understanding and Applying Cloud Hybrid Search
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, IT Pro and Administration, Developer, Business
Cloud Hybrid Search (part of SharePoint 2016 and available for SharePoint 2013) supports a single index in the cloud referencing content from on-premises as well as O365 - dramatically reducing server footprint and maintenance effort. But that's just a start - you can use this facility creatively to solve lots of common issues.

This session shows you how to apply Cloud Hybrid Search and the Cloud SSA successfully to 5 common scenarios. Each of these scenarios will be covered in a mini-case study of a real deployment.

The session will show attendees
    - How to successfully plan & architect, how it fits MSFT roadmap
    - Understand Scaling, Perf, and Security
    - Limitations and gotchas, and how to resolve them
    - Techniques and tools for global deployment
    - Extending to external content
    - Feeding the Office Graph and Delve
Using Powershell to manage your SharePoint farm
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro and Administration
PowerShell is the Leatherman tool for automation and working with Microsoft products. SharePoint is no exception. In this session we will explore the collections and objects in a SharePoint farm and how to iterate through the collections. Using these techniques, we can answer questions that span sites, site collections, or the entire farm more easily.

Questions like:
What sites does Ralph have access to, at what level, and how are they assigned?
What sites inherit permissions?
What sites have not been updated in more than a year?
What libraries have versioning enabled, but is not configured to our standards?

I am a Senior Consultant with BerryDunn, a CPA, Auditing and Consulting firm based in Portland, Maine. I am a part of our Government Consulting Group, which provides objective IT analysis and advice to government entities around the United States. Outside of work, I am an avid sea kayaker and a registered Maine Guide. I volunteer with the Maine Island Trail Association, who maintain the first in the nation water trail along the coast of Maine.


What's new in SharePoint 2016
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro and Administration, End-User, Business
SharePoint 2016 RTM is out, and Mike will provide you an overview of the new features in the product. In this session, we will review, what’s new, what changed and improved and how you can align your organization to be ready for the next wave.
When to Use What When Deploying Solutions on SharePoint Online
Level: 100
Track: Office 365, IT Pro and Administration, Developer
SharePoint Online can be provisioned in a number of ways. Depending on your specific scenario your provisioning options may be limited. I'll be covering provisioning through UI, SharePoint Designer, and PowerShell client-side deployments as well as some variations of the last option.

Come to my session to learn about the various provisioning alternatives and when it's best to use each of them.



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