Session - Using Powershell to manage your SharePoint farm

Level: 100
Track: IT Pro and Administration
PowerShell is the Leatherman tool for automation and working with Microsoft products. SharePoint is no exception. In this session we will explore the collections and objects in a SharePoint farm and how to iterate through the collections. Using these techniques, we can answer questions that span sites, site collections, or the entire farm more easily.

Questions like:
What sites does Ralph have access to, at what level, and how are they assigned?
What sites inherit permissions?
What sites have not been updated in more than a year?
What libraries have versioning enabled, but is not configured to our standards?

I am a Senior Consultant with BerryDunn, a CPA, Auditing and Consulting firm based in Portland, Maine. I am a part of our Government Consulting Group, which provides objective IT analysis and advice to government entities around the United States. Outside of work, I am an avid sea kayaker and a registered Maine Guide. I volunteer with the Maine Island Trail Association, who maintain the first in the nation water trail along the coast of Maine.


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