Keynote: Helping the Business make sense of Business Intelligence
Level: 100
Track: Business, IT Pro, .NET Developer
Chances are, your role in IT has been changing as the needs of the business have changed. But the forces outside your company are now driving that change at an ever increasing pace. This environment means that you have a great opportunity to partner with your business colleagues to truly innovate rather than just do "break/fix". Understanding what business intelligence is and how it can help your business is a great place to start.

The world of business intelligence (BI) goes beyond what most think of as just "reporting". It has nuances and complexities that require a combination of skills and people. Fo​​​r example, are you ready to help your company understand the difference between analytical reporting and prescriptive reporting? What about "Big Data" and Data Mining? As a SharePoint Professional, you want to be aware of what is possible.​


Making The Leap - When to choose on-premises, Cloud or Hybrid for SharePoint
Level: 200
Track: Business
Deciding if and when you should take SharePoint into the Cloud is troublesome.
The volume of opportunity that the Cloud brings makes the decision process complex and fraught with risk.
Understanding the challenge is vital and mapping out a course for success is something that only experience can bring.
In this session we will cover:
•    The Marketing
•    The Reality
•    Legal & Compliance
•    Security
•    And more
With practical examples of real world scenarios, this session is fast paced and thought provoking for anybody embarking on the journey of “making the leap”.
Managing SharePoint with PowerShell
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro
Are you equipped to effectively leverage PowerShell in your SharePoint administration and development endeavors?

A core understanding of PowerShell is mandatory for anyone who manages a SharePoint environment.

In this session for SharePoint Administrators and Developers, Craig Lussier will dive into core PowerShell concepts, how to effectively utilize out-of-the-box SharePoint cmdlets, how to create your own cmdlets and provide practical real world examples of how PowerShell can be leveraged for SharePoint administration and development efforts.

This session will discuss using PowerShell in both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 environments.
Operational Reporting and Dashboarding using Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions
Level: 300
Track: Business, IT Pro
A great looking, relevant, informative dashboard for the executive is the ultimate end goal for most Business Intelligence projects. Microsoft has all of the tools that are necessary to get data from your transactional systems into an effective dashboard. What is less clear is to how to go about achieving it. Which tools should you use? As with most things, we have different tools for different requirements, and it isn't always clear as to how they match up.

This session will focus on what the various reporting and dashboarding tools from Microsoft can do for you, where you should use them, and how to get them working for you. Both on premises and cloud based scenarios will be discussed. At the conclusion of this session, you should have a fundamental understanding of the Microsoft products in this space fit together, including Excel, Reporting Services, SharePoint, Power View, and PerformancePoint.


SharePoint 2013 Records Management Demystified
Level: 100
Track: Business, IT Pro
The goal of the session is to provide information about the record management with SharePoint 2013, what are the standards and how to make SharePoint complaint to them. There are a lot of myths and hype regarding that topic – I'd like to show which are true which aren't.

1. Record management in SharePoint
2. What's new in SharePoint 2013
3. SharePoint 2013 and the record management standards
4. Myths about SharePoint and record management


Pawel Madziar
Sharepoint Architect
Nova Ltd
The Ultimate SharePoint Infrastructure Best Practices Session
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro
There are a myriad number of approaches to design and architecture of SharePoint servers, not all of which are ideal, however. Since the design of a SharePoint environment is subsequently critical to its performance and functionality, it is critical to understand what are the best practices around SharePoint infrastructure design. SharePoint architects need to be aware of the various installation options, the differences between SharePoint search architecture models, how and when to virtualize SharePoint, and ways to optimize the SQL Database tier of SharePoint. This session goes right to the heart of the matter, providing for physical and virtual architecture guidelines and specific configuration settings that can immediately be used to construct best practice SharePoint 2013 and 2010 environments. In addition, a high level look at architecture changes in SharePoint 2013 and new models at the data tier in SQL 2012 are outlined. Real world advice obtained from the presenter’s experience designing hundreds of production SharePoint farms is provided, and the installation options are discussed frankly.
Yammer & SharePoint: Making Your Enterprise More Productive
Level: 200
Track: Business
Are you curious how Yammer can drive enterprise productivity? How does that platform integrate together with SharePoint and what is the vision going forward? Many companies are still skeptical of the value of ‘social’ and how it can benefit their bottom line. In this session, Naomi will share an internal case study of Yammer and SharePoint 2010 use, and we’ll do some myth debunking and discuss pros/cons of adopting social/collaboration systems into organizations while still maintaining the integrity of SharePoint as a central repository. We’ll also delve into considerations as to how to compare out of the box SharePoint 2013’s new social features to social collaboration platforms.



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