1: SharePoint FrameWork: En profundidad
Level: 300
Track: Developer, End-User, Business
El pasado 4 de Mayo Microsoft anuncio un nuevo framework de desarrollo para SharePoint Online que viene a cubrir todas las necesidades que se le venian pidiendo. En esta sesión vamos a ver todos los aspectos novedosos que trae este Framework. Todos las herramientas que debemos de conocer para poder empezar a utilizarlo y cuales son sus beneficicios y sus desventajas respecto a los "otros" modelos de desarrollo.
10: Extending Authentication and Authorization
Level: 300
Track: Developer
In the two latest versions of SharePoint, we have seen how Claims-based authentication have taken over the traditional Windows and FBA authentication. Now we have federated identity with services such as Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) and the authorization is handled by OAuth in the app model. But still, the vast majority of the deployments still use plain vanilla AD or LDAP authentication, without exploiting its flexibility and adaptability to a variety of scenarios. In this session you will learn how to extend the authentication and authorization with custom claim providers, claim augmentation and transformation.


Edin Kapic
Senior SharePoint Architect
11: Reports & Statistics for SharePoint Server and Online
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro
Imagine for a moment that you have unlimited resources to build a portal. You know your target audience, you have content in your hands, you know the structure and can use as many features as you want to, nice graphics was created for your sites and also an army of content admins wait for you to care about the sites... But at the moment you publish your pages, how can you be sure that the pages are valuable for users? You do the best, but what if they refuse to use it for everyday work? What went wrong? Well, reports & statistics can help you to see how people behave and recognize the needs, because data can tell you whole stories if you know how to read them.


12: Sex, PowerApps and Rock&Roll
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
No te pierdas la sesión donde verás como construir una PowerApp que une mundos tan dispares como Twitter, PowerBI, Mongo y SharePoint. La idea es conocer los detalles y facilidad para crear una aplicación con estas características donde unificamos algo tan conocido como Twitter con algo de muy fácil uso para el usuario final como las PowerApps, agregando la potencia y velocidad descomunal de Mongo y HBase. Y todo ello pasándotelo bien. Será verdad que esta vez Pallo abre un Visual Studio o un Data Tools?


Javier Menendez Pallo
Disruptive Solutions Manager
13: The challenges of implementing document management in Office 365
Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
Are you considering using Office 365 for your document management? Are you a current user of Office 365 for Exchange or Skype for business? Are you not sure whether you should be using Office 365 or another platform? Have you tried and failed with document management in SharePoint/Office 365?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this session is probably for you. It will use real world experiences to explain how an organisation can take advantage of the document management functionality in Office 365, and the challenges involved. It will explore the different tools for document management in the Office 365 suite, and guide you in using these tools to shape a solution to meet your requirements. Finally it will explain a approach of staged implementations based on a clear roadmap, and validated by pilots with key business users.
14: The future of no-code and low-code solutions
Level: 100
Track: Business
InfoPath is not (yet) dead, PowerApps are here, big BPM-software companies offer in the meantime their own UI (forms) solutions, and new, JavaScript based forms solutions are more and more present on the market. Some of them target the Office 365 platform, some target only SharePoint on prem, and some can – at least to some degree – do both. It is difficult to keep the overview of available options, and especially of new options which are coming. In this session, intended for technology deciders, Adis will target those questions. We will talk about important requirements for no-code/low-code solution platforms, which part UI components (forms) and BPM components (Workflows) play in making that choice, how do mobile and cross-platform fit in the whole story.
15: Un XarePoint en la mochila v2.0
Level: 200
Track: Developer
¡Los proyectos cloud lo estan petando! Así como toooodos sus problemas ¿Quien no ha intentado acceder a los servicios de Office365 y/o Sharepoint Online a través de una aplicación móvil? O ¿Quien no ha intentado acceder a Azure autenticandose con una app? O que hay de las notificaciones push, ¿Como las envio a mi dispositivo? Y para rematar, todo des de una única app cross-platform.

¡Esta es tu oportunidad! renueva tu fondo de armario con todos los conceptos que necesitas para ir “a la última”

Veremos cómo desde una app mobile desarrollada en Xamarin nos conectamos a Azure Mobile Apps para autenticarnos sobre Azure AD y para enviar y recibir notificaciones push.
Veremos cómo haciendo el login en Azure AD y gracias a ADAL tendremos acceso a nuestro office365 y a nuestro Sharepoint Online pudiendo consumir sus servicios REST.
Por último veréis como mediante un remote event reciver al subir un fichero a vuestro Sharepoint Online se envía una notificación push a los dispositivos que están registrados en nuestra Azure Mobile App


2: Branding Strategies for SharePoint and Add-ins - From Design to a modern Style Guide
Level: 200
Track: Developer
Get an introduction how to create and develop your own style guide for SharePoint, Office Add-ins or web application. It will help you save time during development and for future adoptions.
You will learn how to maintain your code and documentation at the same time. Start to develop maintainable, reusable and re-factorable design patterns now and learn what css frameworks can't do for you.


3: DevOps with PowerShell for Office 365 and SharePoint Online: capitalize on your tenant potential
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro
You want to learn how to manage Office 365 and SharePoint Online with PowerShell ?
You want to understand how to use Office 365 API?
Come discover this 100% demo Session !

This session explains and demonstrates how you can manage your Office 365 tenant’s SharePoint features using PowerShell.
Discover all DevOps techniques and strategies for Office 365 using O365 Patterns and Practices Project.

Most of the discussed techniques can be also used with SharePoint 2013 on-prem. This session is targeted at both SharePoint IT professionals and SharePoint developers audience.
4: Érase una vez... ¡un SharePoint!
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
Había una vez un proyecto.
Los padres del proyecto habían oído hablar mucho de SharePoint y querían probarlo.
Uno de sus proveedores era partner Microsoft y les propuso SharePoint para su proyecto

Así empiezan muchas historias ... y proyectos. Lo que no sabemos es si tienen un "happy end". En esta sesión explicaré desde mi experiencia en proyectos de SharePoint como dar respuesta a las preguntas que todo el mundo tiene con SharePoint:
- ¿Cómo sabemos si SharePoint es realmente una buena herramienta para el proyecto?
- ¿Existen claves de éxito específicas para un proyecto Sharepoint?
- ¿Cómo conseguimos equipos competentes para estos proyectos?


Anna Almuni
Operation Lead Consultant
5: Extending Office Add-ins with Azure Container Service
Level: 300
Track: Developer
The new Azure Container Service(ACS) can be a substitute for traditional virtual machines. This new Container As A Service can be leveraged to increase our development productivity on the Office platform. In this
session we will see what how we can leverage the Docker platform for Add-ins in Office 365. Because we will be using CAAS model we can offer micro services which are scalable, secure and reliable.


6: Integración Continua en SharePoint con Team Services y PnP
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Developer
En esta sesión veremos como hacer integración continua en nuestros proyectos SharePoint (tanto Online, como On Premises) usando Visual Studio Team Services. Definiremos una Build que usará Gulp para ayudarnos con tareas de compilación y optimización, y haremos un Deploy remoto utilizando el Provisioning framework del PnP.


Luis Mañez
SharePoint and Cloud solutions architect
7: La nueva Intranet
Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
En esta sesión haremos una demostración de cómo enfocar una presentación para vender el planteamiento de Microsoft de “la nueva Intranet” basada en Office 365.
Centrado en SharePoint Online como punto de partida experimentaremos como los usuarios consumen la información desde una estructura típica para pasar por el nuevo modelo de colaboración de Office Groups y Planner, utilizando las distintas interfaz web, cliente Office y Apps.
8: Power Apps for Developers
Level: 200
Track: Developer
Wait, aren't Power Apps just the new LightSwitch, targeted for the business users? No, not really. PowerApps, out of the box, can surface data from various predefined data sources. But how about custom, company-specific data sources? Or processes? This is where developers jump in. In this session, we will explore extending Power Apps with custom sources and business logic, and integrate them in the existing processes.
9: Modern Web Development techniques in Sharepoint
Level: 200
Sharepoint Development is changing very fast , in this session we are going to talk how to apply this techniques and be more productive.
Topics we are going to explain deeply:
* JS Frameworks : Reactjs , Angularjs , Knockoutjs
* JS automated tasks with Webpack and Gulp
* JS modules and Dependency Managment with Requirejs and webpack
* JS and TypeScript Language
* Introduction to new Sharepoint Framework (SPFx)



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