Architecting your Intranet with SharePoint Modernization
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
The modern experience is designed to be compelling, flexible, mobile, and easier to use. Planning to move from classic to modern and want to know about the challenge and tools to migrate your existing classic sites to Modern sites? this session is for you!!!

In this session, you will learn
- classic to modern upgrading planning
- how to move from classic to Modern?
- how to overcome the challenges?
- Branding & design options
- Custom development options
- Best Practices
- Demo


Jenkins NS
Modern Workplace Solution Architect
Bringing Artificial intelligence (AI) to Business Users With Microsoft Power Platform
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
We will talk about the functionalities and best practices to achieve your digital transformation through the Power Platform and AI Builder. AI Builder provides AI templates (Binary Classification, Text Classification, Object Detection, Form Scanning) that you can tailor to your business processes and use in PowerApps or Flows.


Mitul Rana
Platform Specialist : Cloud Solutions
Building engaging business solutions for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint using SPFx
Level: 300
Track: Developer
In this session, we will be discussing about how to build engaging business solutions for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint using SPFx for your customers.


Vijai Anand Ramalingam
Technical Architect
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Business Process Automation using PowerShell with SharePoint
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro
Are you an SharePoint IT Pro with scripting skills? This session is for you to show how to leverage Az Pipelines, Az Function App and other tools using PowerShell to work with SharePoint data. We will deep dive into automation and integration for business process automation.

We will walk you through the code and build few integrations and automation solutions. With no doubt we use only PowerShell!

Come and Join me to explore the new way of PowerShell scripting!
Continuous integration and delivery pipelines for SharePoint Framework Solutions on Azure DevOps
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer, Business
Do you manually run the bundling and packaging commands for SPFx solution? Deploy the packages to multiple tenants?
You can fully automate this process with Azure DevOps. In this session, you will learn how you can set up continuous integration (CI) and delivery (CD) process to your tenants. Once such processes are set up, they will give you more opportunity to concentrate on the things you truly care about.
Grow your SharePoint development platform with SharePoint Framework
Level: 100
Track: Developer
Do you want to open up new opportunities with your customers using SharePoint Framework? Join this session to know what's new and what's coming up in SharePoint Framework and leverage your SharePoint expertise to direct your application roadmap. Hear from us on building a best practice for your SharePoint solutions and get familiar with development of latest SharePoint framework components with quick demos.


Leverage SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development using Microsoft Graph API
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer
Join this session to know what's new in Microsoft Graph API that can help to build business solutions. Let's discuss how to build SPFx web parts that securely communicate with APIs. We will be presenting a demo for SPFx and Graph API integrations and how to deploy these secured Web Parts in SharePoint Online.

- Create SPFx application that fit into Modern SharePoint
- Integrate with Graph API and leverage the web part using its features.
- How to build SPFx web parts that securely communicate with APIs.
Make $$$ with Azure Cognitive Services and Photography
Level: 100
Track: Developer
I'm a soft engineer by day and a hobby photographer by night.
The photographs I take are submitted to stock agencies like Adobe Stock, ShutterStock, Alamy etc.
My profile on Shutterstock can be viewed at
The process to submit these photos is a lot of work but thanks to Azure Cognitive Services, the workflow for the same has been been very easy with a lot of the manual work now automated.
Have used cognitive services and a console application to achieve this, also some 3rd party libraries to read and write into exif metadata in jpg files. So if you have a bunch of photos stored in a folder, then the app.config of the console application can be configured to read the files from that folder. the app would then create a small version of the image and send to cognitive services which would analyse the image and send back Title & keywords which the console app would use to update the main image in the folder. Once this is done, the image can be uploaded through a ftp program to stock photo sites which make use of the title and keywords to see to potential buyers.
There are also some other minor bells and whistles in the console app to help with keywording and caption, more to set some default values.
This was a unique case where my profession and my hobby met at cross roads and helped create something.
This is very useful for a lot of people who have thousands of photographs rusting in HDD which can be used to make passive income.

Mastering SharePoint as back end data store in Power Apps
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User
In this session you will learn how to master using SharePoint platform as the back end system for storing data using Power Apps. Certain data types like lookups, choices, person field do not play as well in Power Apps.

We will go through a practical demo of using these complex fields and achieve cascading filters, sorting and filtering data on lookup fields in SharePoint within Power Apps.


Jasjit Chopra
Microsoft Azure | SharePoint | Office 365 - Principal Architect
Penthara Technologies
Microsoft | Office 365: The What, How & Why
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
By now you have an idea of what Microsoft | Office 365 is, but do you understand why it's the best thing you can ever do for your users and how to get there? Tracy will share insights on:
• What: Overview of & business case for apps & services
• How: How to approach the roll-out
• Why: ROI - employees / company culture
The return on investment is SO much greater than just the savings on IT cost of ownership. Once you understand the non-tangible benefits, you'll realise why this will be so much more than an IT project and you'll have ideas on how to get that going in your company.
Modernize business processes with SharePoint Online & PowerPlatform
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro
This session is focused on developing applications and business processes using SharePoint online and Microsoft PowerPlatform. I will be presenting about the SharePoint Online connector in MS Flow, PowerApps and PowerBI. The session will be a discussion (brief information on the SharePoint Online connector and the PowerPlatform) and a few demonstrations of live Flows, Canvas Apps and PowerBI reports that are based on SharePoint Online. Toward the end, i intend to talk about the SharePoint Online integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Brief on the Demos:
1. MS Flow for detecting and deleting duplicate items from a SharePoint List
2. MS Flow to set item/file level permissions on SharePoint list items and files in the document library
3. MS Flow for a business process to automate a private/confidential document management using SharePoint document library.
4. Customizing SharePoint List forms with PowerApps
5. Delegation, dynamic galleries, attachments and files from SharePoint to PowerApps.
6. Data analytics/visualization using PowerBI on a SharePoint list and file on a SharePoint Document library.
Provisioning Modern Sites using Site Scripts and Site Designs
Level: 200
Track: Developer
With the growing popularity of modern sites, many organizations are adapting to use the modern Team site or Communication site. Often, we need some level of customization and a custom site structure to meet the business needs. As the number of sites grow, its difficult to keep the sites consistent with corporate branding and guidelines.

This session explains how to use the Site Scripts and Site Designs for creating a custom template for modern sites, which will be used for provisioning the sites. Following topics will be covered
- What is a Site Script & Site Design
- Creating a new Site Design
- Provisioning a new site
- Applying the site design to an existing site.


Ram Prasad Meenavalli
Expert - Collaboration Spaces, SharePoint & Office 365 | C# Corner MVP
SharePoint product updates and roadmap from Ignite 2019
Level: 100
A tour of the latest updates in SharePoint from Microsoft Ignite 2019 conference. See the latest capabilities for modernizing your intranet, deeper integration with Microsoft Teams and whats new in content and knowledge management.


Nitin Sharma
Principal Group Program Manager


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