Being insightful is the only way to get on SharePoint hybrid
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Business
we are currently in cloud inspired infrastructure, modern user experience, and compliance - and we keep hear hybrid almost everywhere so SharePoint! However, if we have no enough insights of hybrid facilities and possibilities in SharePoint and Office 365, we might miss getting best of both worlds. In this session, she will be explaining the core features such as hybrid search, sites, taxonomy and content types, auditing, BCS, hybrid extranet sites that gets you enabled with a hybrid experience. Come and have insights of SharePoint hybrid.


Dipti Chhatrapati
Manager ( SharePoint - O365 Architect )
Build Intelligent Azure Bot using Cognitive Services with SharePoint Online
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer
In this session, I will demonstrate - how to build azure bot and communicate with SharePoint Online.
1. Overview of Cognitive Services.
2. Cognitive Services with FAQ Bot using QnA Maker
3. What are Rich Cards and How to design (Image and Video)
4. What is Language Understanding System and integrate with Luis Model
5. Integrate Luis Model with SharePoint Online
6. Add Bot with in SharePoint Online Modern Page.


Building Efficient eDiscovery and Compliance with SharePoint
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro
I am planning a session where, I will talk about eDiscovery and Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, and try to know how records managers and litigators discover content in the electronic format in an enterprise environment. How Microsoft offerings typically, eDiscovery help them in searching for documents, websites, and email messages spread across laptops, email servers, file servers, and other sources, and collecting and acting on content that meets the criteria for a legal case. We will know about eDiscovery in business to business arena and related Microsoft offerings.


Introduction to developing application for Office 365
Level: 100
Track: Developer, End-User, Business
Wondering why you should build apps for Office 365? During this technical training, we’ll uncover the enormous monetization opportunities with Office 365 application development as well as introduce you to developing Office 365 apps that make your solution part of the modern UI.
As a developer, you’ll learn how to build solutions that integrate across the entire Office and Office 365 user experience.
This includes core productivity, mail, social collaboration, and communication powered by Office, Exchange, SharePoint and Teams.


• Why Build for Office 365
• The Opportunity
• What can you Build for Office 365 (Office, SharePoint, Teams etc)
• Office 365 Apps - 3 Stage Development
- Authentication
- Accessing Data
- Branding
• Demo


Abhishek Purohit
Partner Technical Consultant
Make Business Decisions with SharePoint Online Data and Power BI
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Business
Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based service that enables to collect, filter, combine, analyze and visualize raw data. Using Power BI we can publish the data in form of an analyzed report. In this session we will be discussing how the SharePoint Online data can be analyzed using Power BI and published as a report.


Suhail  Jamaldeen
Office 365 and Azure Consultant
Microsoft Flow and Custom Connectors for automating SharePoint processes
Level: 300
Track: Developer
Microsoft Flow is a cloud based tool that helps building automated workflows between multiple systems. In the session, I will be explaining the basic understanding on MS FLOW. Further, I will focus more creating the custom connectors, and let us also look at creating flows with the help of custom connectors.

The agenda will be,

1. Introduction to Flow
2. Templates and Connectors Available
3. MS Flow comparison with SharePoint Designer
4. How to create custom connectors
5. How to create and integrate flows with SharePoint or other systems
6. Roadmap
7. Conclusion


Overview of SharePoint Server 2019
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
The preview version of SharePoint Server 2019 was just announced by Microsoft few weeks back and ever since it's release it has created a lot expectations among SharePoint professionals .In this session we will be discussing about what's new in SharePoint Server 2019 and what's been deprecated , deployment best practices and much more .

SharePoint Server 2019 as a product delivers enhancements and new capabilities in three major areas as listed below and our goal in this session is to showcase all the new features in SharePoint Server 2019.

1. Modern, familiar and intuitive user experiences based similar to SharePoint Online
2. New ways to engage with content across browsers and devices
3. Robust scale, security and compliance capabilities to meet growing demands

The session is mainly targeted for SharePoint administrators, developers and architects .If you're an on-premises customer and if you prefer to stay so due to security and legal reasons then this session is something which you shouldn't miss .


Running SharePoint 2016 in Azure - The Do's and the Dont's
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Business
In this session we are going to discuss the entire process of planning and successfully running SharePoint 2016 in the cloud. We will cover topics related to Security, Performance, Scalability, High Availability, Backup & Restore and Disaster Recovery. We will also cover the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) use case scenario in this deployment.


Jasjit Chopra
Microsoft Azure | SharePoint | Office 365 - Principal Architect
Penthara Technologies
SharePoint Online Event Handling using Web hooks and Azure Functions
Level: 300
Track: Developer
In this session we will see how to implement SharePoint Webhooks using Azure Functions so as to capture Asynchronous events happening within the SharePoint Online List. Webhooks is not a replacement but would co exist with the other similar event handling mechanism like Remeote Event Receiver, Azure Logic Apps & Microsoft Flow.It would be more of a developer focused session. We would be covering the below topics as part of the session :

1. Introduction to Azure Functions and SharePoint Webhooks
2. Working of Web hooks
3. How to Work with an Azure Function and register it with the webhooks
4. Demo


Abhishek Purohit
Partner Technical Consultant
SPFx Extensions - Personalize/Customize your Modern Sites
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Developer
SharePoint Framework (SPFx) promoted as "the future of SharePoint development".
SharePoint Framework Extensions is the latest update of the SPFx Framework that allows us to make customization in the Modern Sites, Modern Lists and Modern Document Libraries.
I will talk about SharePoint Development Model Evolution and demonstrate use of Light Weight Components with SPFx by explaining how to create client side Web Part and how to extend SharePoint user experience using different types of Extensions.

You will learn:
What is SPFx and Why it has been introduced
How to use different tool chains and libraries
What is SharePoint Framework Extensions
Types of SharePoint Framework Extensions
How to use SharePoint Framework Extensions


Kirti Prajapati
SharePoint Architect
SharePoint Consultant
Use PowerShell and Node.js to work with SharePoint data.
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, End-User
Are you a SharePoint ITPro’s with no knowledge of Node.js or JavaScript? You are in the right place! Yes, with minimal JS skill and beginner level PowerShell knowledge will help you to build a web app. Indeed, I have taken a feedback from few European countries by implementing the Node.js and PowerShell solutions. Now, it’s time for me to present it at SPS Bangalore for the wider audience in which I walk you through steps to set up node and required packages to configure the environment, working with SharePoint data and delivering a web app. Gear-up SharePoint ITPro’s to sail on Developer route!
Workflow Development using Visual Studio 2017 for SharePoint online
Level: 400
Track: Developer
This will be purely developer session, where I can show how we can develop workflow using visual studio 2017? How we can develop web api using visual studio 2017 and how we can deploy web api to Microsoft Azure? And then I can show how we can call the web api from Workflow.


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