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Abel Solutions delivers industry-specific portal,
document management and workflow-enabled SharePoint solutions.
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DocAuto solutions are built for the capabilities of the entire platform, so now you can take control. DocAuto’s SPorganizer™ makes SharePoint easy to use, less expensive to manage, and allows you to make enterprise-wide changes quickly. The best part is – our experts can get you up and running within minutes. Visit the DocAuto booth for a SPorganizer demo to see what we mean. www.SPorganizer.com
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IceFire’s flagship product PointFire (www.pointfire.ca) is the gold standard of multilingual SharePoint. Imagine if two people who speak different languages follow a link to the same URL, and both see it completely in their language: UI, content, even lists and libraries. Imagine not segregating users by language, but collaborating on a single site without Variations. Proven with well over 500 deployments within governments, corporations and NGOs, IceFire solutions are built for scalability, speed, and flexibility.

PointFire is available on all versions of SharePoint on premise and SharePoint Online in Office 365.
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About Nintex
Nintex eliminates business process barriers with industry-leading workflow and content automation (WCA) technology—empowering professionals across business and IT departments to quickly turn inefficient manual processes into automated well-run engines. Nintex Workflow Cloud™, the company’s cloud-first platform, connects with systems of record, data sources, and people to consistently fuel successful business outcomes. Through a set of easy, connected, and adaptable capabilities, the Nintex Workflow Platform is designed to let everyone digitally transform simple to sophisticated processes with clicks, not code. Visit www.nintex.com to learn more
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Protiviti provides expert consulting, on-demand support and training solutions to help clients unlock the full business potential of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Our practice helps clients maximize their technology investments by delivering solutions that provide real value to the business. Clients benefit from a cross-functional team with a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen. Protiviti is a global consulting firm that helps companies solve problems in finance, technology, operations, governance, risk and internal audit, and has served more than 60 percent of Fortune 1000® and 35 percent of Fortune Global 500® companies. Protiviti and our independently owned Member Firms serve clients through a network of more than 70 locations in over 20 countries. To learn more our SharePoint and Office 365 Solutions, visit ECM.Protiviti.com or contact us at ECM@Protiviti.com
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SkySync’s Platform transparently bridges dissimilar storage systems to sync/migrate files while preserving the integrity of folder structures, metadata, permissions, document versions and other file-related artifacts.
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Crow Canyon provides a powerful and flexible suite of business applications for SharePoint, including Help Desk, Customer Service, Employee Services, Asset Management, HR, Facilities, Marketing, Purchasing, and others. Our applications deliver critical functionality to organizations worldwide, including major financial institutions, government agencies, corporations, military units, colleges, healthcare companies, and more.
With over 18 years’ experience in developing business tools, Crow Canyon has earned its reputation as a leader in building applications on the Microsoft platform. Our programs run in all versions of SharePoint, including Office 365. We also have successfully delivered many custom SharePoint development projects for our clients.
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Codesigned creates SharePoint solutions that increase employee engagement and improve communication. Offering a full spectrum of SharePoint services – from design and development to implementation and support – Codesigned strives to create wonderful things. Codesigned partners with their clients to create exactly what they need for future SharePoint success. With a wide range of in-house expertise, Codesigned works tirelessly to craft needs into a vision and to make that vision a reality.
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B&R Business Solutions provides innovative solutions and products that meet even the most unique business and technology challenges; with a strict focus on integrating and developing solutions around Microsoft technologies. For any size and type of organization, B&R is able to utilize the skills and expertise of our team members to find the right solution - the first time - and deliver it in a manner that exceeds all expectations.
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Cardinal Solutions is a national IT Solutions Provider that delivers custom applications, strategic guidance, and training to help businesses work better, smarter, and easier. With over 425 employees across seven offices, we lead with our experience and expertise in digital solutions across mobile, web, analytics, and cloud. Collaboration with clients through an Agile process allows us to create the right solutions that users embrace and help advance businesses.
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Intellinet is a management consulting and technology services firm that transforms the businesses of our clients by providing strategic, technology-enabled business solutions. With a mindset toward digital innovation and business transformation, our award-winning team creates end-to-end solutions that provide outstanding end-user experiences by integrating cloud, data, mobile, and social strategies with application development, business intelligence, collaboration, and infrastructure platforms. Since 1993, Intellinet has been driven by one simple idea: that "Promises Kept" are the most powerful, competitive advantage possible. By living out our core values, we deliver business value to our clients.
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ThreeWill helps teams work together better by building solutions on SharePoint using an agile process.

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