Session - SharePoint Development w/ Azure Functions & SharePoint Web Hooks

Level: 200
Track: Developer
Azure Functions is Microsoft's latest event-based compute experience that accelerates development. Based on a "Serverless" architecture, Azure Functions provides a solution for running small pieces of code that react to events with scale being managed by the platform. Serverless offerings like Azure Functions speed iteration and deployment of new code while relieving developers of the burden of infrastructure. Now that SharePoint Online supports the WebHook model, Azure Functions is a perfect match for hosting this capability.

In this session, we will review the following:
•    Overview of Serverless computing
•    Why use Azure Functions?
•    Demo: Creating an Azure Functions App.
•    Overview of SharePoint WebHooks
•    Demo: Creating a SharePoint WebHook
•    Demo: Using Azure Functions to host your SharePoint WebHook
•    Demo: Building a workflow with Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and SharePoint WebHooks

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