Session - Hold my beer while I provision your SharePoint environment!

Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
If you’ve tried point solutions that only solve some of your SharePoint challenges and cost you thousands of wasted dollars, you need to look at DocAuto’s fresh approach to SharePoint management. DocAuto has built SPorganizer™ to deliver the most comprehensive, yet simple SharePoint offering on the market today.

How did we do it? We began with the end in mind and we built SPorganizer based on the capabilities of the entire platform. Our team dissected every component of SharePoint and built a software solution that makes SharePoint easy to use, less expensive to manage, and allows you to make enterprise-wide changes in minutes. And the best part is, our experts can get you up and running within hours. Attend this session to find out how quickly SPorganizer can put you in control of your SharePoint environment!

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