AlwaysON: Real-world SQL Server 2014 & SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery
Level: 200
Track: IT Pro, Business
Learn how an oil & gas company leveraged SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn to bring High-Availability and Disaster-Recovery for its SharePoint 2013 Portals. In this session you will hear first-hand the Firewall Ports that need to be opened, the step-by-step configurations that were taken during testing & implementation (with real screenshots), and the real-world “things that could go wrong” that we need to be aware of and ready to mitigate. Get ready to make your SQL-based applications Always-On and “hot-swappable”.


Delve and the Office Graph for IT-Pros & Admins
Level: 300
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
There are a couple of really good blog post, interviews and video about Delve and the Office Graph from several experts around the world. But everyone is talking about development stuff or the end-user perspective of that feature.
In this session I will show the idea of Delve, the Office Graph and how it is working and what can be done from an IT-Pro / Administrator perspective. We will talk about the basic functionality, the API, the Graph Query Language and we will see which tools and Apps are available for Office Graph and Delve. We will also talk about the future of Delve and what are Microsofts next steps with this new feature.


How to Keep the Solution for SharePoint On Premise “Cloud Ready”
Level: 200
Track: Developer, Business
The challenge of the first version of the App Model is to overcome a lot of design weaknesses or not finished concepts. The model offers a lot of more flexibility and especially for bigger organisations the possibility to share the cost for the platform and pay for their own applications. Most of our customers would like to develop a solution, which they could move to the cloud with "minimal" effort. How to address these challenges? In this session you will get an inside view of our hybrid model for development and governance.

Presentation Benefit:
Sharing practical experience with the community. Compare which ideas work only theoretically and which are a help in real life projects
How to setup unified, Information Governance strategy with eDiscovery Center across SharePoint, Exchange and Lync
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
In this session, users will learn and understand how SharePoint eDiscovery Center across SharePoint, Exchange and Lync works. With the help of demo, users will understand how eDiscovery helps records managers and litigators discover content in electronic format with eDiscovery Center search for documents, websites, and email messages spread across organization’s network.


Sohail Hanif
Chief Executive Officer / Principal Consultant (GRC, Information Security, Cloud Collaboration)
Generix Solutions
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Developer, End-User, Business
Introductory and welcome talk about SharePoint Saturday Abu Dhabi


Salman Ahmad
SharePoint Architect
Office 365 – A Lego System for Businesses
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, Business
Everyone knows Lego systems and the plastic bricks that revolutionized the world of toys and imagination. In this session you will not only learn what Lego and Office 365 have in common but also how the Lego brick system applies in the modern world of Office 365 and how the concept can be used to supercharge your SharePoint sites.


Patrick Hosch
Manager Technical Evangelism - EMEA
Setting up SharePoint 2013 Production Environment
Level: 200
Capacity Planning
Licensing Requirement
Database Services Requirement
Setup SharePoint Farm
Backup & Restore


Adnan Khan
Microsoft Infrastructure Consultant
Al Hosn Gas
What to look for in a mobile SharePoint solution?
Level: 100
Track: IT Pro, End-User, Business
With SharePoint / O365 being popular infrastructures for
collaboration, document management, enterprise content
management, and workflows – IT departments are investigating
how best to connect their mobile workforce to these business
critical repositories. Dedicated SharePoint applications can offer
the opportunity for improved productivity, availability and
flexibility for their mobile workforce. Fundamental security
risks must be collected, evaluated and addressed prior to
enterprise adoption. With a wealth of different approaches to
enable mobile consumption of SharePoint I would like to share
some lessons learned while helping organizations implement
solutions for mobile workforce enablement.


Soud Ereiqat
Technical Consultant EMEA


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